Ship Simply reduces the complexity of order fulfillment by using intelligent software to streamline the shipping process. Thanks to its clean, accessible, and easy to learn platform, Ship Simply will help cut costs, ship more packages, and save time!

Efficiency Increase
Order Accuracy
Average Time from
Scan to Print
of All Major
Channels Supported

Blazing fast speed,
Incredible efficiency.


Ship Simply is a revolutionary cloud-based solution enabling manufacturers, distributors,
and retailers to fulfill their orders from any sales channel regardless of shipment volume
or type. Its pick, scan, pack, and ship automation drives efficiency and accuracy, saving
your business time and money while enhancing your customer’s experience. Ship Simply
is configurable, scalable, and can easily be integrated to meet the needs of any small to
medium sized operation.

  • The pick process is customizable to your business needs by
    including product location, quantity, channel information,
    and more - all in a single pick ticket!

  • Start the shipping process with a simple scan of the bar code
    - Ship Simply will automagically find the highest priority order
    and prepare it for fulfillment.

  • Multi-piece orders are a breeze with our intricate binning
    logic. Once all the parts of the order have been scanned, Ship
    Simply knows when that order is complete and generates the
    corresponding pack slip and shipping label.

  • Ship Simply uses intelligent multi-carrier rate shopping to
    find the most fiscally-friendly service based on that orders
    specific requirements. Saving money has never been easier!

Intuitively Designed

Our dashboard is designed to display information that will empower your shipping
process. The dynamic charts and graphs show exactly how many packages each employee
has shipped and how many go through a given carrier. It also displays order fulfillment
information such as the number of pending orders and the amount of orders due today.


We modernized the warehouse workflow by
creating a software that is quick and effortless to
use for everyone.


From the scan of the barcode to the order being
processed, the software reduces the amount of
wait time to a matter of seconds.


Intelligent rate shopping ensures the lowest price
and best transit times based on each package's
specific requirements.

Mobile Friendly

See all the information you need to ship right from your mobile
phone, including pending orders, shipped orders and our
intuitive dashboard.

Kalmbach Feeds

Ship Simply is easy to use and the Ship Simply team has been great to work with. The process from downloading the orders to picking and packaging is very simple and efficient. Using Ship Simply we have been able to cut our shipping time per package by 68%. I would recommend this program to anyone looking for efficiency improvements.

Dan Goulding, Warehouse Manager
Pet Food Station

With a straightforward and easy to navigate design, I find myself able to ship significantly more packages with less down time. There are plenty of measures in place to ensure the shipping process is error proof, which is great for getting new warehouse employees up and running quickly. And less mistakes means happier customers, too!

Tara Fiori, Senior Warehouse Associate
Hearty Pet

Most of the time, the routine doesn’t often go beyond a simple ‘scan, pack, ship, repeat’. But when a customer calls with a last-minute change to their order, the process finding, resuming, and reprinting is no longer a hassle

Kelli Englemann, Warehouse Associate

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